Fresh Roasted Coffee at
An Affordable Price

Welcome Coffee Lovers!                  

JumpinJakJava is a small batch artisan roastery located in the foothills of Litchfield County in the small town of Thomaston, Ct., well known throughout the world for its Seth Thomas clocks. We truly answer to the thought of "humble beginnings", starting with a smoke filled kitchen from roasting on a large cast iron skillet.  Ah!, but the great aroma of fresh roasted coffee lingered in the room and remained on our clothing.  From there we moved on to a hot-air popcorn popper, which eventually was modified and then set aside for a 5lb. electric roaster, which technically was a glorified Ronco rotisserie converted to a coffee roaster by an entrepreneur in Vernon, CT. That machine is in semi-retirement, but can be pulled out if needed.  We did well over a thousand roasts with that roaster and learned a great deal about coffee roasting with it. 

A lot of reading about coffee and coffee roasting led to a 5 day coffee roasting school in Waterbury, VT., with full days of intense education and training, from green bean inspection to roasting, cupping, packaging, and everything in between. From the continual prompting of my wife and so many who were reaping the benefits of fresh roasted coffee, the question arose more than once, "hey Bob, why don't you start selling this coffee"?  Well that is the brief history of JumpinJakJava Coffee Roasters. We now use an Ambex YM10 propane fired coffee roaster (see pics), which give us great results.

We believe that FRESH  roasted coffee, properly brewed is "Top Shelf".  At JumpinJakJava Coffee Roasters, we believe the first question any coffee lover should ask is, "when was the coffee roasted?",  even before they ask what its' origin is, or what the blend is.  FRESHNESS of the roast is critical for enjoying great coffee!  The only thing we would confess to eating stale is cold pizza the day after.  Yes, we admit we still like it,  but it just isn't the same as eating fresh, hot pizza right out of the oven!  Did you know that FRESH roasted coffee the next day after, sitting in the pot, is still better than most coffee served today to the masses?  Believe us it is true!  Buy some of our FRESH roasted coffee today and try it for yourself. Most likely there will be none left over!  

Grind,  Brew,  Enjoy,  Repeat  Often!