Fresh Roasted Coffee at
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Brew the Great Cup

There are many ways to brew coffee and there seems to be a new brewer or brewing method on the market almost daily. Some of us will give way to change, and some of us are victims of habit.  Whatever your personal preference may be, one of the pour over methods (Chemex, Melitta, Hario), or one of the many drip brewers on the market, or a French press or a siphon vacuum brewer, please make sure your brewer or brewing method  is  CLEAN, squeaky clean!  Coffee oils may build up, affecting the taste of fresh brewed coffee. 

Now let us consider some tips for brewing the great cup. 

Great Coffee starts with Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans        
  • Start with fresh roasted quality Arabica Coffee beans (grind beans just prior to brewing!).
  • It has been proven that fresh roasted coffee begins to break down at about 2 weeks from roast unless it has been nitrogen flushed vacuum sealed or specialty sealed. 
  • For great coffee we recommend you have fresh roasted coffee beans on hand.

JumpinJakJava is here to provide fresh roasted quality Arabica beans. We will roast your coffee after you order it and ship it out within 48hrs. Roasting days are Monday  through  Friday.  Coffee roasted on Friday will be shipped on Monday.

Great Coffee starts with Fresh Water                  

Good tap water or filtered water, cold and fresh (distillled  water is not recommended).   There are some relatively cheap filtering methods, such as Brita pour over, and then there are  some more expensive in-line water filters, such as Everpure. This may sound like too much information, but in the long run it will be cheaper than buying bottled water all the time.


Great Coffee starts with properly combining the beans and the water.
How much coffee?  How much water?

Measuring the two is Crucial for great brewing.

Proportion is crucial to proper extraction.

Most roasters suggest  2 tablespoons of whole coffee beans for a  6 ounce cup.
I personally use this equation: fluid ounces divided by 269 x 16 = coffee measurement in ounces.  If you do not want to weigh the coffee, start with the 2 tablespoon suggestion.  If it is too strong then you may scale back.

Great Coffee also starts with the proper grind.                 
  • Most drip coffee brewers recommend a medium grind.
  • A burr grinder with settings does the best job. These may be a little pricey if you are on a tight budget. 
  • Hand grinders (see pic) do a good job. Use Google or Ebay for more info.
  • Hario makes a very good home hand grinder. 
  • Grinding may be fine (Turkish brewing) to coarse (French press or Percolator).
  • If you use a small whirly or whip blade grinder, it will definitely take some practice.
  • Proper grinding is first determined on your style of brewing.
  • Proper grinding may be the hardest part of great coffee brewing.

Great Coffee brewing needs proper water temperature
 and extraction time.

  • Heat water to 190- 205 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  • Try to keep your extraction times between  4-6 minutes. 
  • If you use a drip brewer, when extraction is finished, remove coffee from heated surface.
  • Coffee left on a heated surface will become unpalatable.

Roast Levels
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